Information and help about how to install Jiglu on your own server.

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Getting started

New and updated knowledge entries

PostgreSQL installation

Installing and configuring PostgreSQL for use with Jiglu.

Tomcat installation

Installing and configuring the Tomcat web container.

PostgreSQL tuning

You can find help with tuning a PostgreSQL server in the PostgreSQL wiki.

PostgreSQL dump and restore

How to backup and restore the Jiglu database to and from a file.

Installing Jiglu on Amazon Web Services

Getting started with Jiglu on Amazon Web Services.

Sendmail configuration

How to integrate Jiglu with the sendmail MTA.

Upgrading Jiglu

How to upgrade Jiglu for a new version and the additional tasks that you may need to carry out.

PostgreSQL database creation

Creating the Jiglu database schema in PostgreSQL.

Jiglu server installation

Installing and configuring the Jiglu server.

Configuring Apache

How to configure Apache as an accelerating reverse proxy for Jiglu.

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