Information and help about how to install Jiglu on your own server.

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Getting started

New knowledge entries

Configuring Jiglu to use Amazon Comprehend sentiment analysis

How to configure Jiglu to use Amazon Comprehend rather than Jiglu's own sentiment analysis algorithm.

Configuring DKIM signing of email

Everything you need to know to configure Jiglu to sign messages with DKIM.

Configuring Jiglu to use Amazon Simple Email Service

How to use Amazon SES for incoming messages.

PostgreSQL tuning

You can find help with tuning a PostgreSQL server in the PostgreSQL wiki.

Installing Jiglu on Amazon Web Services

Getting started with Jiglu on Amazon Web Services.

System status page

How to view information about the current state of the Jiglu server.

Viewing and controlling jobs

How to see the status of system jobs.

Viewing incoming and outgoing mail queues

How to view information about incoming and outgoing email.

Retagging content

How to retag content in the system, having it reparsed for the current Dynamic Discovery Engine algorithms.

Rebuilding search indexes

How to rebuild the text search indexes.