Retagging content

After some upgrades it may be necessary to retag the content - have it parsed for tags and other metadata. This would usually be only if improvements have been made to Jiglu's internal Dynamic Discovery Engine algorithms and will be noted in the version release notes.

There are two ways of retagging content.

All content

To retag all the content in the system, edit and change the com.jiglu.retagAllGroupsJob.interval to have a value of 60. Now restart the server:

/etc/init.d/jiglu restart

In the background the system will now retag all the content group by group. If the server is stopped during this process then it will pick up where it left off. Once complete you can change the com.jiglu.retagAllGroupsJob.interval property back to 0. Completion will be recorded in the system logs.

Content in a group

You first need to connect with MultiTool, choose the Contribution menu option, then the Retag all in a group option and enter the simple name of the group. If necessary you can monitor the retagging in the system logs.

The contribution menu also provides options to retag an individual contribution, view the tag metadata for a particular contribution and purge over-quota content when groups have quotas enabled.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
How to retag content in the system, having it reparsed for the current Dynamic Discovery Engine algorithms.