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Published: June 2022

Sendmail configuration

Install sendmail if needed Sendmail may not be the default MTA on some Linux distributions.

Published: February 2022

Jiglu server installation

For a mail submission agent, such as sendmail or postfix, running on the same machine this will normally be 587.

Published: April 2021

Installing Jiglu on Amazon Web Services

See Sendmail configuration for more details.

Pre-installation checklist

Mail server ▢ Sendmail ▢ Postfix ▢ Apache James For Linux we support both Sendmail and Postfix as MTAs, with a preference for Sendmail.

Published: September 2017

Getting started

To install Jiglu on Linux, first understand how it fits into other systems and what you need to get going: Server architecture Email integration Pre-installation checklist Next, install the prerequisites: PostgreSQL installation Java installation Tomcat installation Configuring Apache Then install and configure Jiglu: Jiglu server installation Sendmail configuration PostgreSQL database creation Finally start and use the application: Starting Jiglu for the first time Accessing Jiglu for the first time

Published: August 2017

Jiglu installation directories

/usr/share/sendmail/mailer Sendmail mailer configuration files.