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Published: June 2022

Sendmail configuration

The databases also need to be rebuilt.

Published: February 2022

Jiglu server installation

For external hosts it will normally be 25. com.jiglu.jdbc.url The JDBC URL for connecting to the database server. com.jiglu.jdbc.password The password for the Jiglu database user at the database server. com.jiglu.jdbc.ownerPassword The password for the Jiglu owner user at the database server.

Published: April 2021

Installing Jiglu on Amazon Web Services

Either you can set the root volume to be a suitable size for the database or you can add a separate volume for the database.

PostgreSQL database creation

Database users There are two users involved in the creation of Jiglu databases: the owner user, who owns all the databases and their tables, and can be used to perform data definition operations; the database user, who is used to connect from the Jiglu server and perform data manipulation operations.

PostgreSQL installation

Database initialisation The PostgreSQL database instance needs to be initialised before it is used for the first time and the database started.

Pre-installation checklist

Database ▢ PostgreSQL 10.0+ ▢ Oracle 12c ▢ SQL Server 2019 PostgreSQL will be suitable for most small to moderately large installations.

Published: November 2020

PostgreSQL dump and restore

Note that if you restore the database in this way it will then be necessary to rebuild the search indexes.

Published: September 2019

Starting Jiglu for the first time

However, following the initial install you will need to start it manually if you do not reboot the system: /etc/init.d/jiglu start When Jiglu is first run, the database schema that was previously created will be populated with the initial default data.

Published: January 2018

Upgrading Jiglu

For hotfix upgrades even if there is no data upgrade the version number of system stored in the database will always be changed to match the current version.

Published: August 2017

Jiglu installation directories

/opt/jiglu/db Database scripts.

Licence key

This gives differing abilities depending on the database: On PostgreSQL the default licence allows 10 users, 10 monitor users, 10 groups and access to all group types on a single server instance.