Licence key

The Jiglu licence key controls the following system limits:

  • The maximum number of active users.
  • The maximum number of groups (spaces, blogs and monitors).
  • The maximum number of active users with access to monitors.
  • The maximum number of items that can be downloaded from a single source.
  • The kinds of groups that the system is licensed for: spaces, blogs, monitors or status update groups.
  • Whether the server runs on a single instance or with distributed services and the ability to do external LDAP authentication.
  • Which edition you are using - read about the differences here.

When first installed the system comes with a default licence key. This gives differing abilities depending on the database:

  • On PostgreSQL the default licence allows 10 users, 10 monitor users, 10 groups and access to all group types on a single server instance.
  • On Oracle the default licence allows the system to be started and a new licence key entered but does not allow any groups to be created.

The licence key has an expiry date. Following this date the system will continue to run and access will still be permitted to enter a new licence key and view existing groups. However, creating new groups or content in those groups will be forbidden.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
What the Jiglu licence key controls and how it operates.