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Published: October 2023

Jiglu system assets checklist

Privacy policy – this will appear on its own page at https://(your-site)/+privacy.

Published: April 2022

How do I customise the look of my Jiglu site?

Registration terms, privacy policy and additional information Before a user registers to use the system you may want them to accept specific registration terms and you may also want users to be able to view the privacy policy explaining how their information is used and what cookies are used.

System administration quickstart

If you want to link to the policy pages: Registration terms are at https://(your-domain)/+terms Privacy policy is at https://(your-domain)/+privacy Contact information is at https://(your-domain)/+contact If you want to set a standard footer that appears in all emails from the system then go to the Email processing settings page and enter the text in the Footer field.