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Published: May 2022

Jiglu 15.2 release notes

For system administrators Media types When adding or editing a media type you can now select a specific icon for it.

Published: March 2022

Jiglu 15.0 release notes

For documents that were spidered, such as those in Microsoft Word or PDF formats, additional metadata is now held, including the media type, size, document tags, author and last modified date.

Published: May 2021

Jiglu 14.0.1 release notes

Support has been added for the WebP image format as a media type.

Published: February 2020

Jiglu 12.0 release notes

When editing a contribution the attachments list now shows an icon instead of the media type.

Published: August 2019

Jiglu 11.9 release notes

If you uploaded an attachment and there was a problem analysing its content then this would sometimes result in its media type being wrongly corrected.

Published: July 2019

Jiglu 11.8 release notes

If you upload an attachment with the wrong extension for its media type the system automatically corrects the media type and the filename.

Published: November 2018

Jiglu 11.4 release notes

If you upload an attachment with the wrong extension or your browser sends the wrong media type for an attachment then both the extension and media type will now be corrected when the contribution is submitted for publication.

Published: September 2018

Jiglu 11.1 release notes

You can no longer set whether a media type can be used inline or not.