Jiglu 11.4 release notes

For end users

  • Efficiency improvements have been made to the processing of attachments when they are uploaded for discussion messages, blog posts and knowledge entries. Previously when uploading large, complex documents there could be a noticeable delay between the upload completing and being able to carry out further editing. Most content processing of attachments is now deferred until the contribution is submitted for publication and unnecessary repeated processing has been eliminated.
  • If you upload an attachment with the wrong extension or your browser sends the wrong media type for an attachment then both the extension and media type will now be corrected when the contribution is submitted for publication. Previously the system only corrected the raw content type for the attachment.
  • Generating a thumbnail for an image attachment is no longer dependent on it also being of a suitable size to have its metadata processed. Thumbnails are also now more efficiently processed, cutting delays when editing contributions using lots of large images.
  • A number of minor issues have been fixed.

For group administrators

Group categories

  • When creating a new group or editing a group you can now assign categories to the group. The category for a group will be displayed in the group index under the group description and on its home page. Users can also search for groups matching specific categories.


  • The page to add new members to a group by browsing the directory of users has been brought closer in operation to the main user index. The values for any profile headings configured to be shown in the user index will be shown underneath the user. You can also search users for those with particular text in their profiles or that have specific profile choices or that were added in a particular time span.


  • You can now withdraw discussion threads. While viewing a thread you will find a Withdraw button at the bottom of the page and an action in the sidebar Actions There is also now a Withdraw button on the first message in a thread that will withdraw the whole thread. You can republish a thread using the Republish button or sidebar action when viewing a thread page or the first message in a thread. If any individual messages in a thread were already withdrawn then they still will be if the thread is republished.

The addition of this feature means it is now possible to keep all content in a space for data retention purposes while still removing from public view those contributions that are inappropriate.

  • Discussion threads have a new Deactivate permission to control who can withdraw threads. By default this is turned on for the Group administrator and Group moderator
  • You can now close a poll prior to its scheduled close time by selecting the Close poll button underneath the message the poll is part of.

For system administrators

Group categories

  • There is a new Categories system setting page for the management of group categories under Groups. Here you can add, rename or delete group categories.

Group workflow

  • There is a new group workflow setting controlling whether approval from an administrator with All groups / Deactivate permission is required before a group can be deleted. There are also additional notifications corresponding to this feature.
  • There is a new group workflow setting controlling for how many days a group will be suspended prior to its final deletion. Up until that deletion it may be unsuspended and returned to full operation. Along with the previous new setting, this is a useful safeguard against accidental or malicious group deletion.
  • The blogs, spaces and monitors indexes now show the current workflow stage for any groups that are not currently activated.


  • On the user index, searching by text in a profile or for particular profile choices can now be done in combination with a time span filter.
  • When editing a user, if they have any status updates then you can now suspend or unsuspend access to their updates just like with other types of group.

User limits

  • The user limits system settings page has new settings controlling after how long to keep activities for the activity stream and information about where a user has read up to in a thread.


  • The Edit permission for the All groups resource type can now be changed. This allows a user with this permission to edit the details of all the groups in the system without requiring the System administrator
Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Product changes in version 11.4.