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Jiglu 10.5 release notes

Space administrators will see a new ‘Split thread’ button underneath each response in a discussion thread.

Jiglu 14.0 release notes

When viewing a discussion thread, you can now search for text within that thread.

Jiglu 11.4 release notes

Discussion You can now withdraw discussion threads.

Jiglu 15.0 release notes

Spaces Discussion threads can now have an accepted answer for the thread, which will be shown first in the thread.

Jiglu 11.0 release notes

Some inconsistencies in the display of appropriate delete, withdraw and republish buttons and in confirming that a user really does want to delete a discussion thread or withdraw a discussion messages have been resolved.

Jiglu 13.0 release notes

You can now have discussion messages, new discussion threads, polls and knowledge entries from new members automatically sent for moderation for a period of time.

Jiglu 13.0.1 released

Fix for user newsletters causing the agent processing them to fail when a discussion thread doesn't have a description.

Jiglu 11.9 release notes

For group administrators When viewing a discussion thread with a poll, the Close poll button now only appears beneath the message that contains the poll.

Jiglu 12.0 release notes

The last release introduced issues with the pop-up menus for merging discussion threads and tags which have now been resolved.

Jiglu 15.1 release notes

Previously you would be taken to the thread page in the space.