Jiglu 13.0.1 released

Jiglu 13.0.1 is now available and recommended for immediate installation. This is a bug fix release with the following changes:

  • Fixes for non-persistent cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in the group home page and newsletter editors.
  • Fix for newsletter editor displaying roles to choose from that are not allowed to be used.
  • Fix for user newsletters causing the agent processing them to fail when a discussion thread doesn't have a description.
  • Fix for some information in error messages showing HTML escape characters.
  • Fix for group pages giving a blank page when the licence key has expired.
  • Fix for a system error when you try and use a date filter in a member profile search.
  • Fix for a system error if you try and purge a blog post or knowledge entry of older versions when there is only one published version.
  • Fixes for rare system errors when updating a resource at the same time as another user or the system.
  • Fixes for incomplete validation or error handling for a small number of form fields or URL parameters.
  • Fix for some links on index pages including parameters in them that weren't necessary, making them overly long.

You can read more about the new features of Jiglu 13.0 at https://blog.jiglu.com/posts/news-tools-for-business-communities-in-jiglu-130.

Full release notes for Jiglu 13.0 can be found at https://support.jiglu.com/spaces/announce/knowledge/.

Installation help can be found at https://support.jiglu.com/spaces/installation/.