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Jiglu 11.0 release notes

If you lose access to the app or device used to generate your verification code then you will need to ask a system administrator to clear your two-factor authentication secret key.

Jiglu 12.1 release notes

Licence keys When the licence key expires it no longer defaults back to the default 10 user licence key and instead prevents further non-read operations until a new licence key is entered.

Jiglu 15.0 release notes

Product changes in version 15.0.0.

Jiglu 13.0.1 released

Fix for group pages giving a blank page when the licence key has expired.

Jiglu 10.4 release notes

When the licence key is invalid – for example because it has expired or is for the wrong web host – then the system will now revert to a default licence key that still allows the user to log on and enter a new key.

Jiglu 13.0 release notes

The Licence key system settings page now shows whether the licence key allows system components to be split onto multiple servers.

Jiglu 10.2 release notes

For system administrators Upgrade The licence key has changed.

Jiglu 11.9 release notes

System If you start the server and the licence key has expired then it will now fall back to the default licence key instead of using the existing key with all modules disabled.