Jiglu 12.1 release notes

For end users

  • In the blog post, discussion message and knowledge entry editors, issues with uploading attachments that have the same name as existing attachments for that contribution have been resolved.
  • Delete and undelete for a freshly-uploaded attachment in the editor will now work correctly.
  • Cut, copy and paste have been added to the right-click context menu in the HTML editor.
  • An issue that could cause captchas to fail when images on a page are not being loaded has been fixed.
  • A small number of minor issues have been fixed.

For group administrators

Discussion message workflow

  • On the discussion message workflow page there is a new Action to take if failed DKIM verification setting. This will determine what action the system should take for a discussion message that could not be successfully verified as coming from who it said it was from. By default the action is set to require moderation.
  • On the discussion message workflow page the Out of office phrases setting has been removed. Control over this functionality is now solely through the Out-of-office pattern setting on the Other email processing system settings page.

Email processing


  • In the members index you can now search for members that have a particular role.
  • When you download a CSV file of members it now contains the roles that have been assigned to members.

For system administrators


  • On the Other email processing system settings page there is a new Reject messages that failed DKIM verification setting. This controls whether messages that failed verification should be processed by the email request server or forwarded on to users. This will not apply to discussion messages, which have their own workflow setting described above, or messages to administrators which will always be forwarded.
  • Spaces can no longer have their own email domain name and must now always use the system email domain name. This functionality was not used by any current customers.


  • In the users index you can now search for users that have a particular role or have been granted system administration rights.
  • When you download a CSV file of users it now contains the roles that have been assigned to users.

Licence keys

  • When the licence key expires it no longer defaults back to the default 10 user licence key and instead prevents further non-read operations until a new licence key is entered.
  • When you enter a new licence key it will be rejected if it does not match the architecture in use or if the number of current active users and groups exceeds what the key allows.

For operations engineers


  • Email sent to the system that contains the ‘Auto-Submitted: auto-replied’ or ‘Auto-Submitted: auto-generated’ header – typically out-of-office replies – will now be discarded unless they are non-delivery notifications that need to be processed.
  • Email generated by the system can now be signed with DKIM.
  • There are changes to the bootstrap.properties configuration file:
    • The new jiglu.mail.ignoredHeaderNames property holds the names of headers that are not transferred from the original received message when a discussion message that was emailed in is sent out.
    • The new jiglu.mail.outgoing.dkimPrivateKeyFile property holds the location of a file containing the private key for DKIM message signing.
    • The new jiglu.mail.outgoing.dkimSignatureTemplate property holds the template for the DKIM-Signature header used when the message is signed.
    • The new jiglu.mail.outgoing.dkimLocalDomains property holds a list of domains which for discussion messages will be signed with the user’s own domain instead of the Jiglu mail domain.
    • The properties for reading email from an AWS Simple Mail bucket have been renamed for consistency with other email properties.

For more information on the stages needed to configure DKIM signing, see https://support.jiglu.com/spaces/installation/knowledge/how-do-i-configure-dkim-signing.

  • There are minor changes to the headers sent with some emails, removing the Precedence: header except for mailing lists and newsletters, adding List-: headers to all newsletters and Auto-Submitted: headers to list server responses and notifications.


  • There are no security fixes in this release.
Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Product changes in version 12.1.