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Jiglu 16.1 release notes

Non-delivery notifications The system log now contains entries for when a message could not be delivered to a user.

Jiglu 10.5 release notes

For system administrators Improvements have been made to the handling of non-delivery notifications.

Jiglu 12.0 release notes

Email notifications are now all in a smarter HTML format.

Jiglu 16.0.1 released

Improvements to processing of non-delivery notifications, handling some cases from outlook.com / Microsoft-hosted Exchange and Mimecast that previously needed manual intervention.

Jiglu 11.1 release notes

Settings controlling the processing of email bounces (non-delivery notifications) are now in their own ‘Bounce processing’ category in system settings.

Jiglu 12.1 release notes

For operations engineers Email Email sent to the system that contains the ‘Auto-Submitted: auto-replied’ or ‘Auto-Submitted: auto-generated’ header – typically out-of-office replies – will now be discarded unless they are non-delivery notifications that need to be processed.