Jiglu 10.5 release notes

For end users

  • The system now keeps track of which discussion threads you have read in a group. On the discussion thread index page the ‘New messages’ link beside a thread was previously shown for any thread with new messages since your last session. Now it is shown for any thread where there are messages that you have not yet read. To mark all threads as read use the ‘Mark all read’ button at the bottom of the page.
  • The count of the number of responses to a discussion thread now excludes withdrawn messages.
  • A number of other minor issues have been fixed.

For group administrators

  • Threads can now be split as well as merged. Space administrators will see a new ‘Split thread’ button underneath each response in a discussion thread. Selecting this will prompt for the name of the new thread. Once this has been entered and the Save button selected, the message and its responses will then be split from the existing thread. When viewing the message context you will still be able to see that the root message of the new thread was originally a response to another message.
  • If you merge two previously split threads then the split thread will be put back as a child of the same message as before it was split.
  • Moving, deleting and merging threads with large numbers of messages is now carried out more efficiently. Some issues with merging threads when the thread being merged from is referenced elsewhere have been resolved.
  • Improvements have been made to the handling of discussion messages with large attachments. Previously the size was not calculated correctly when deciding whether it was possible to include attachments with an email, which could then lead to members receiving an email telling them the message was too large to send. Changes have also been made to the handling of email digests. One will now also be sent if the size of all the messages in the digest has reached the maximum size possible for an email. The default maximum size has also been raised to 8MB.
  • An issue causing feeds to fail when the author of a feed entry also appears as a name in the list of tags has been resolved.

For system administrators

  • Improvements have been made to the handling of non-delivery notifications. In particular, a mail loop is now prevented when non-delivery notifications could not be forwarded on to a system administrator that is themselves bouncing messages.
  • Most third party libraries have been updated to the latest recommended versions.
  • Support has been added for PostgreSQL 10.
Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Product changes in version 10.5.