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Jiglu 15.0 release notes

The Instant message file filtering settings category has been renamed to Instant message filtering.

Jiglu 15.1 release notes

If you click on the link to the parent instant message or choose the View thread option from the instant message pop-up menu then the radar stream will now change to view that thread with the message highlighted.

Jiglu 14.0 release notes

Instant messages Instead of adding an obtrusive typing indicator to the stream of messages wh

Jiglu 10.3 release notes

For all users Instant messages were broken when the system was deployed in some versions of the Tomcat 8.0 web container.

Jiglu 11.2 release notes

Other changes Emoticons like :-) and standard emoji shortcuts like :smile: are now supported for instant messages and status updates.

Jiglu 16.0.2 released

Resolved issue with instant messages not updating correctly in their stream.

Jiglu 11.8 release notes

When plain text input is converted into enhanced HTML (e.g. for plain text discussion messages or instant messages), javascript: protocol links are no longer converted.

Jiglu 15.2 release notes

Submitting a blog post, discussion message or knowledge entry with attachments or sharing a file as an instant message is now much faster.

Jiglu 13.0 release notes

An issue where when adding an instant message containing a link which had already been seen in the space resulted in the link’s details not appearing beneath the message has been fixed.

Jiglu 11.0 release notes

A number of less common errors now give specific error messages as to what happened.