Jiglu 10.3 release notes

For all users

  • Instant messages were broken when the system was deployed in some versions of the Tomcat 8.0 web container. The recommended configuration has been changed to resolve this.
  • Links containing ampersands were not correctly stored for searching and link previews in the last two major product versions. This has been resolved.
  • The HTML editor used for editing discussion messages, knowledge entries and blog posts has been upgraded. There are some minor changes to how it now looks.
  • A single discussion message emailed to multiple spaces will no longer fail processing.
  • Outgoing feeds could previously fail randomly in some application servers. This has been resolved. A separate issue has also been fixed that caused the group activity stream feed to fail when a user was not authenticated.
  • A small number of minor improvements have been made and some minor issues fixed.

For group administrators

  • When viewing recent tasks that have taken place in a group, the reason why the task was created in the first place is now shown when available. Note that this will not be available for tasks prior to the upgrade.
  • When adding a new user to a group, in the email sent to the user the invitation message was sometimes doubled or had the default text appended. This has been resolved.

For system administrators

  • Changes to system settings, group defaults, banner images and theme activation are now logged.
  • An issue has been resolved that caused automatic topic creation to repeatedly fail and retry when a short acronym was similar to one that already existed.
  • A number of third-party components have been upgraded to their latest versions. There was one security fix in the text search engine, although this should not have been exploitable from the web interface. The web framework was also updated for two security fixes, though not in components that we currently use.
Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Product changes in version 10.3.