Jiglu 15.2 release notes

For end users

Blogs and spaces

  • If a blog post, discussion message or knowledge entry has an attachment that is a zip, rar or 7z archive, you can now view its contents before downloading by selecting the plus button on the right of its name. A list of the first 20 files in the archive will be shown below and if you hover over one of the names you will see more information about it.
  • Searches for attachments now include their keywords, author and organisation. For files in an archive, the filename, title, description, keywords, author and organisation are now all included in the search.
  • Submitting a blog post, discussion message or knowledge entry with attachments or sharing a file as an instant message is now much faster. The processing work for documents now takes place in the background afterwards rather than at submission time.
  • When uploading knowledge entries in bulk, the limit on the maximum number of draft contributions that a user may have was not being checked. This has been resolved.

Other changes

  • There are new icons for some additional media types and improvements to others. Media type icons have also been increased in size to make them clearer.
  • Downloaded tree map images now have properly aligned text when opened in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and a wider range of tones for their age.
  • On the radar, when you selected an alert, tag or trend with some content a system error would occur. The link to the group that the contribution came from was also missing. These issues have been resolved.
  • A small number of minor issues have been fixed.

For group administrators

  • There are no changes affecting group administrators in this release.

For system administrators

Media types

  • When adding or editing a media type you can now select a specific icon for it.
  • There are new media types for Word XML and ePUB e-book formats.
  • The media types for the obsolete Flash and Flash Video file formats have been removed.

For operations engineers


  • In the bootstrap.properties configuration file there are a number of changes. There is a new Source item HTML rendering section and changes to the Document content processing section, with new properties and a change in units for some of these properties. As part of the upgrade these changes will need to be integrated.
  • Because of changes to the analysis of documents, all internal content will need to be retagged. See https://support.jiglu.com/spaces/installation/knowledge/retagging-content for instructions on how to do this if you host your own system. Note that there is now an option just to retag internal content, leaving source items as they are.

Other changes

  • The processing of attachments and shared files in order to extract their text and metadata for use in searching and tagging now takes place in a sandbox, giving better protection against malicious documents and exceptional failures. This processing also now only takes place once, when a particular document is first seen by the system.
  • For spidered sources that require HTML pages to execute their JavaScript to obtain the content, this process now takes place in a sandbox, improving security and resilience against bad pages.
  • An issue has been resolved which caused some subsystems to fail to carry out their shutdown actions when the system is shut down.
  • Third-party libraries have all been updated to their latest recommended versions.


  • An issue in a third-party media metadata library could result in memory exhaustion with a specially-crafted JPEG image. This has been resolved in a new version. (CVE-2022-24614)
  • An issue in a third-party RAR extractor library could result in an infinite loop during processing with a specially-crafted archive. This has been resolved in a new version.
Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Product changes in version 15.2.0.