Jiglu 10.4 release notes

For end users

  • Users could not upload a photo for their profile when the product had been licensed without any monitor users. This has been resolved.
  • Photos and user icons now display correctly when users do not have permission to view the user directory but do have permission to view user profiles.
  • Some minor browser compatibility issues when uploading attachments have been resolved.
  • An issue with the feed for a user’s activity stream being wrongly formatted for updated knowledge entry activities has been resolved.
  • A small number of minor improvements have been made and some minor issues fixed.

For group administrators

  • Improvements have been made to page metadata on contribution pages with support for schema.org, OpenGraph and HTML 5 metadata. The first image attached to a contribution, if present, will now be used as the image in the metadata.

For system administrators

  • When the super user first logs on the system now requires acceptance of the software licence to proceed.
  • When the licence key is invalid – for example because it has expired or is for the wrong web host – then the system will now revert to a default licence key that still allows the user to log on and enter a new key.
  • Some issues with blogs using external domain names have been resolved.
Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Product changes in version 10.4.