Jiglu 10.2 release notes

For all users


  • Changes to the spacing on menus have been made, making them easier to use on mobile devices and improving readability of longer items.
  • Due to changes in the search engine, text searches may return results in a slightly different order than before.
  • A small number of minor improvements have been made and some minor issues fixed.

For group administrators


  • New methods have been added allowing the easy creation of knowledge entries or blog posts from HTML or other documents over HTTP. These are described in the help system in the HTTP APIs article.

For system administrators


  • The licence key has changed. It now also controls whether the system can be operated with distributed services and LDAP integration. New keys will be supplied to customers.
  • The search engine upgrade requires the text search indexes to be rebuilt.


  • Consistency improvements have been made to the Java API. The API JavaDoc documentation has also been overhauled, with major improvements made to consistency and clarity and corrections for some changes that were missed in previous releases.


  • When a user’s password is changed the system will now invalidate all automatic logon cookies for that user.
Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Product changes in version 10.2.