Jiglu 14.0.1 release notes

For end users

  • The way Jiglu requests web notifications from a browser has changed. A new user will be given a button to enable them, should they wish, in the ‘Get started’ section on their radar. When notification preferences are changed and web notifications are enabled then a message will be shown after choosing Save with a button for a user to enable them.
  • Support has been added for the WebP image format as a media type. Thumbnails will be created for images with this format and you can insert a WebP image in the text of a contribution.
  • Media types have been added for the WebM audio and video formats and some content types corrected to their registered names.
  • Visiting the home page of a monitor that included a chart section when a user did not have permission to view resources within the group could previously result in an authorisation error or a system error. This has been resolved and the page now displays correctly.
  • Some web mail and email URL protection services may mangle the URLs used by Jiglu in emails. When this is detected, these are now redirected to the correct URL.
  • A small number of minor issues affecting presentation have been fixed.

For group administrators

  • There are no changes affecting group administrators.

For system administrators

  • Some actions on the user index were previously not shown if you were a system administrator but did not currently have system administration privileges. These links are now shown and when followed the user will then be asked to log on with their system administrator password.

For operations engineers

  • Third-party libraries have all been updated to their latest recommended versions.


  • A security issue in the templating engine used for email messages could allow arbitrary code execution. Because user-editable templates are already sanitised and only certain placeholders allowed this should not have been exploitable.
Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Product changes in version 14.0.1.