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Published: August 2022

Jiglu 15.3 release notes

For group administrators All groups If the system does not allow users to register and you select the Invite user action from the members index and try and invite an email address that is not one for a current user then you will now be given a message telling you this rather than a general error message.

Published: October 2020

Jiglu 13.0.1 released

Fix for some information in error messages showing HTML escape characters.

Published: February 2020

Jiglu 12.0 release notes

If quotas are enabled and you try and download more attachments than you are allowed in a day then you will be given an error message and administrators will be notified.

Published: December 2019

Jiglu 11.10 release notes

Specific error messages are now given if a source could not connect because of SSL problems, such as an invalid certificate.

Published: August 2019

Jiglu 11.9 release notes

If you try and join a group that you no longer have permission to join then you will now be given a specific error message rather than taken to a general error page.

Published: October 2018

Jiglu 11.2 release notes

Hovering over the link to the parent update now shows that update rather than giving an error message.

Published: July 2018

Jiglu 11.0 release notes

A number of less common errors now give specific error messages as to what happened.