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Published: March 2022

Jiglu 15.0 release notes

When selected, this displays all the groups that you are an activated member of and, for each group, a count of the number of new activities since your last session and the last activity that took place.

Published: March 2021

Jiglu 14.0 release notes

The Activity stream section on the space home page incorporates improvements from the radar activity stream.

Published: February 2020

Jiglu 12.0 release notes

Radar activity stream Attachments are no longer listed in the stream.

Published: November 2018

Jiglu 11.4 release notes

User limits The user limits system settings page has new settings controlling after how long to keep activities for the activity stream and information about where a user has read up to in a thread.

Published: January 2018

Jiglu 10.4 release notes

An issue with the feed for a user’s activity stream being wrongly formatted for updated knowledge entry activities has been resolved.