How do I set storage quotas for groups?

By default blogs and spaces are allowed to use as much storage as they need for their content. If you prefer to set a limit on the size of their content then you can turn on quotas.

Go to System settings, select the Group defaults option and then Limits and quotas at the bottom of the page. Under the Quotas section you can choose how many megabytes the group is allowed to use. There are two values here:

  • The soft limit is after how many megabytes of storage old discussion messages should be deleted from a space when Purge when hit quota is set to yes. This setting does not apply to blogs.
  • The hard limit is the maximum possible storage that can be used by the group. This applies to both spaces and blogs.

Note that the quota is only for the raw storage of content. On top of this amount additional storage will also be used for metadata which is not accounted for in the quota.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .