How do I scan files in Jiglu for viruses and other malware?

Jiglu comes with built-in support for virus scanners that support the ICAP protocol. These include:

  • Symantec Protection Engine for Cloud Services
  • McAfee Web Gateway ICAP Deployment
  • Trend Micro ServerProtect for Storage
  • F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper

To configure Jiglu go to System settings and then choose the Virus scanning option. You will need to have the following details for the ICAP server:

  1. Hostname of the server
  2. The port it operates on.
  3. The name of the service for virus scanning.

You can also optionally set media types that you don't want scanned (by default standard image formats are not set to be scanned), how often you want files rescanned and during which time period each day this rescanning should take place.

Note that Jiglu de-duplicates files, storing a single copy of each unique file that is shared between each contribution that uses it. Because of this if you upload a file that is already present then it won't be scanned again until it reaches the time for rescanning.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Configuring Jiglu to work with an ICAP-supporting virus scanner.