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Published: April 2021

Pre-installation checklist

LDAPLDAP server address and port ▢ User and password to connect ▢ Repository context ▢ Class holding user data ▢ Field mappings If the system is to use an external LDAP repository (such as Microsoft Active Directory or OpenLDAP) to authenticate users then Jiglu will need to know where the LDAP repository is, who to connect to it as and where in the repository it can find the user information it needs.

Published: September 2017

Preregistration of LDAP users

How to pre-register users in Jiglu from an existing LDAP repository.

LDAP integration

The other LDAP properties will only be used if LDAP is enabled. com.jiglu.ldap.initialContextFactory com.jiglu.ldap.providerUrl Connection details for the remote repository.

Published: August 2017

Licence key

Whether the server runs on a single instance or with distributed services and the ability to do external LDAP authentication.