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Published: October 2023

Jiglu server installation

First install the public key for the Jiglu RPM packages so that they can be verified as genuine: wget https://www.jiglu.com/download/jiglu-rpm-key.txt rpm --import jiglu-rpm-key.txt Now copy the packages to a directory on the server and then use: rpm -U jiglu-version.rpm jiglu-webapp-version.rpm Changing version for the version number of the RPMs.

Published: September 2017

Getting started

To install Jiglu on Linux, first understand how it fits into other systems and what you need to get going: Server architecture Email integration Pre-installation checklist Next, install the prerequisites: PostgreSQL installation Java installation Tomcat installation Configuring Apache Then install and configure Jiglu: Jiglu server installation Sendmail configuration PostgreSQL database creation Finally start and use the application: Starting Jiglu for the first time Accessing Jiglu for the first time