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PostgreSQL installation

On OpenSuse 15.5 to install PostgreSQL 16 use: zypper install postgresql16 postgresql16-server postgresql16-contrib On Amazon Linux 2 to install PostgreSQL 14 use: amazon-linux-extras install postgresql14 On Fedora or Redhat to install PostgreSQL 15 use: yum install postgresql15 Shared memory Most Linux distributions will come with shared memory already suitably configured for running PostgreSQL.

Configuring Apache

On OpenSuse use: zypper install apache2 On Amazon Linux 2 instead use: yum install httpd mod_ssl Configuration While Tomcat can be used on its own to directly service clients, normally we would recommend using it behind Apache to take advantage of its cacheing facilities.

Pre-installation checklist

Servers Operating system ▢ OpenSuse 15.5 ▢ Amazon Linux 2 / 2023 ▢ Fedora 33 The product is tested on OpenSuse 15.5 but will run on most modern Linux versions supporting systemd.