How can I reduce the chances of a group being accidentally deleted?

To delete a group it is necessary for one of its administrators to enter their personal password and select a checkbox to indicate that they understand that the group will be deleted and will not be recoverable. However, the system also supports additional checks that group deletion really is wanted.

Go to System settings and choose the Workflow option under Members. There you will find two options for group deletion:

  • Approve group deletion: when set to yes, a system administrator will be required to approve the group deletion before it takes place. A task for the deletion will appear in My tasks for users with the All groupsDelete permission.
  • Suspend before final deletion: here you can set the number of days that you want a group to be suspended before the deletion takes place. Up until that time you can unsuspend the group and return it to normal operation. It will not be possible for a user to intervene and delete the group before this time.

Both of these options can be enabled if required. When a group administrator deletes a group when one or both of these options is enabled they will be given an explanation about when the deletion will take place.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Workflow options for group deletion.