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Published: April 2022

Jiglu 15.1 release notes

Standardised presentation of instant messages and status updates throughout the system.

Published: March 2022

Jiglu 15.0 release notes

When using an LDAP directory server to authenticate users, if a username was longer than 32 characters then it would not be possible for that user to use status updates and some pages that showed status updates would give system errors.

Published: March 2021

Jiglu 14.0 release notes

Selecting this will open a menu where for groups you can go to the group and mute or unmute its activities in the ‘Everything’ stream and for users you can view their profile, follow or unfollow their status updates and mute or unmute their status updates in the ‘Everything’ stream.

Published: February 2020

Jiglu 12.0 release notes

A number of issues affecting responding to status updates and viewing status update responses have been resolved.

Published: November 2018

Jiglu 11.4 release notes

When editing a user, if they have any status updates then you can now suspend or unsuspend access to their updates just like with other types of group.

Published: October 2018

Jiglu 11.2 release notes

Tooltips for status updates and their responses are now always shown.