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Published: April 2022

Jiglu 15.1 release notes

Monitors When the URL is known for where a spidered source item was found, then selecting the View siblings option from the dropdown menu next to the item’s name will show you all the items found at the same parent page.

Published: March 2022

Jiglu 15.0 release notes

You can now preview the text of a source item, when available, by selecting the dropdown menu next to the right of its name and choosing the Preview item A sub-window will appear showing the text that is held for that item.

Published: March 2021

Jiglu 14.0 release notes

When you transfer a contribution, the dropdown menu of groups now has the ones you most recently visited at the top.

Published: September 2020

Jiglu 13.0 release notes

To log off please instead choose the option from the dropdown menu that opens when you click on your name.

Published: July 2018

Jiglu 11.0 release notes

Links to join or leave a monitor or space or to follow or unfollow a blog have been moved from the preferences page to the dropdown menu next to your name at the top right of the page.