Rebuilding search indexes

If you move a Jiglu server to a new machine, restore from a backup or upgrade to a new version with incompatible search indexes then you may need to rebuild the text search indexes.

If the current search indexes are from an earlier version then stop the server, delete the existing indexes and then restart it:

/etc/init.d/jiglu stop
rm -r /var/opt/jiglu/indexes/*
/etc/init.d/jiglu start

You now need to connect with MultiTool, choose the Search index menu option and then the All option. If necessary you can monitor the indexing in the system logs.

The search menu also provides the option to rebuild the indexes for a particular resource type or a particular group, though in normal operation this should not be required.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
How to rebuild the text search indexes.