Email integration

Jiglu needs to both send and receive email. It will therefore be necessary to consider what integration issues need to be considered to

  • Route messages to Jiglu
  • Accept messages from Jiglu

Because the system gives users the ability to create groups as and when they need them, each needing its own email addresses, we recommend the system be given its own mail domain.

In a typical scenario with Jiglu operating on a single machine behind an organisation's firewall, the system will interoperate with a main corporate mail server or ‘smart host’ that knows how to get messages for that domain to the Jiglu machine’s local SMTP server and can receive messages over SMTP from Jiglu.


If Jiglu is to be able to receive messages from the wider Internet, then a DNS MX record will need to be present for that domain. This will typically point at the address on which the main corporate mail server receives mail, from where messages can be forwarded on to Jiglu.

For outgoing messages, Jiglu will need to know the domain name of an SMTP server that can distribute messages from the system, typically the main corporate mail server.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
How Jiglu integrates with email servers.