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Published: June 2022

Sendmail configuration

In OpenSuse the former directory will be used, in Fedora, Redhat, Amazon Linux and similar distributions the latter will be used.

Published: February 2022

Java installation

Jiglu uses the Java 11 platform.

Published: April 2021

Configuring Apache

On OpenSuse use: zypper install apache2 On Amazon Linux 2 instead use: yum install httpd mod_ssl Configuration While Tomcat can be used on its own to directly service clients, normally we would recommend using it behind Apache to take advantage of its cacheing facilities.

PostgreSQL installation

On OpenSuse use: systemctl restart postgresql On Amazon Linux use: service postgresql-10 restart Configuration The default PostgreSQL configuration, in postgresql.conf, is generally suitable for most small installations.

Published: January 2018

Upgrading Jiglu

On OpenSuse use: systemctl restart tomcat On Fedora, Redhat or Amazon Linux instead use: service tomcat restart Background data upgrades For some major upgrades it will be necessary to rebuild the text search indexes or to retag all the content when changes have been made to this process.